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  • It's a dream come true! People in school should be using this all the time. One reads and rewrites, and then checks if the rewrite was deep enough to not be considered as plagiarism. That's how papers should be written and that's what these guys are here for! Wake up ppl!
    Oliver, Canada
  • Other services, and I have used many, are not nearly as easy to use. I am a teacher and I can tell you that for sure. I also get a special price which is really nice. I tried comparing it with the more expensive service my department uses and did not find any mismatches. This one is definitely faster and easier to use though.
    Mark, USA
  • The company is very good. They do what they must.
    Lei Xu, China
  • You can save the reports. No other service lets you do that. It's a no-brainer.
    Caitlyn, USA
  • You guys rock! I use your website before I turn in every paper I write. Sometimes it's good to just double check yourself before you turn in a paper and you guys offer that to students! Thanks!
    Mallory, France
  • Really cool, it helps a lot in terms of deciding where to draw line, gives the satisfaction of knowing for sure. and thanks for keeping it cheap, keep it up...
    John, USA
  • Just an awesome service. I've been looking and its hard to find a better one. Shows you the matching pages right in the text.
    Shane, USA
  • PlagiarismDetect.org is really very useful application. I must be grateful to you that you provide this application for so little. I wish you all the best for your further development of the application. Thanks.
    Raguraman, India
  • Not bad at all. Good customer service and this new standard quality option does it for me.
    Mia, USA
  • There r plenty of services around but Plagiarismdetect is the one you'd wanna go with. They care about you and they always know what u d want in the future. They r a step ahead. The new version bringing down the price five times is whatsup.
    Neslyn, USA
  • It's great. Good thing there is a service like this one. Not too cheap, not too expensive, just about right. Price really matters when you are checking an important work like a thesis. Does the job. What else is there to be wished for?
    Katie, UK
  • It's good!
    Adam, Canada
  • Nothing to complain about. Does the job.
    Joe, USA
  • They can be updating the system but the system always works. We do need it often and it's always there. We have been using the service for a while now and I know they've been working on their system. It has only become better. The new price drop and their lenience towards negotiating the price with corporate clients really mean a lot.
    Charlie, UK
  • It's great. You integrate the text-check box on your website and that's all, simple as that. It might not be simple to do but their programmers will surely help you. The corporate client customer support makes it all very straightforward. Hard to go wrong with that.
    Morris, New Zealand