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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most popular questions about PlagiarismDetect.org:
Which languages are available for checking?
We work with English and Spanish texts. Other languages will be added in the near future.
What are your Support working hours?

Our Support working hours are:

Monday - Friday: 07:00 AM - 4:00 PM (GMT +0)

Closed during weekends.

How long does it take to complete the report?
You receive the results in less than a minute.
If I upload my paper to your website and get the results, will it show as plagiarized once I submit it to my professor (upload it to Turnitin, Safe assign, etc)?
No. Our service doesn't share your documents with any third party. Scan results are available only for your personal use. So, you can feel totally safe when checking your papers at PlagiarismDetect.org - no matter how many times you check each of your papers, the results will be the most accurate and secure.
What file formats can I upload?
Only doc, docx, odt, txt files are allowed for uploading.
When will my credits expire?
The credits you buy at our website will be valid until our service and product exists.
I want to remove a few sources from my report, as I have cited them in my work. Why "Omitted sources" option is not available?
All reports older than 60 days are converted to read-only version. You still have access to your reports and you can download them any time. But you cannot omit the sources, as well as highlight specific sources of plagiarism in the text. Note: all the sources you omitted in report 60 days ago will remain in the read-only version.
What is the difference between Standard and Premium Plagiarism Scan?

When you choose Standard Plagiarism Scan, you get only the basic plagiarism detection results. Not all the sources of plagiarism are included in the list. 1 credit is used to scan 275 words.

When you choose Premium Plagiarism Scan, you receive a detailed report with all the sources of plagiarism. Also, this kind of scan uses SMART multi-layer technology to check against all the web pages available on the web (those that are open for indexation). 5 credits are used to scan 275 words.

Do you have discounts?
Yes, we do offer discounts. More details about our bonus system and special offers can be found here.
I have used PlagiarismDetect before, and I have some credits left. Will I have those credits in a new system?
All the credits that were left on your balance will be multiplied by 5. For example, if you had 2 credits, then you would have 10 credits in a new system.
Is your service better than the other common plagiarism detection systems?
Our new advanced algorithm is the best among web-based plagiarism detection services due to our multi-layered technology, as well as SMART scanning. We scan your papers like our own.
What sources does your system use for plagiarism detection?
We check texts for similarities with open (that can be reached without password and are not closed for indexation) online (published in WWW) sources (i.e. webpages).
I use the option "Send results to my email", but reports I receive have a poor layout. Can you make them look like the original reports in my account?
All the reports that are sent to your email are the same as the ones downloaded from your account. Make sure that you download the emailed copy and open it in a browser. Some email services, such as Gmail.com, do not support the appropriate preview of html documents.
Can my professor find out that I have used your service to get rid of plagiarism?
There is absolutely no way your professor can do it, unless you tell him on purpose. Plagiarismdetect.com respects your confidentiality, and will never disclose your personal information to any 3rd parties.
Why is Standard quality check not responding?
It may sometimes happen that a Standard quality plagiarism check is not available. Do not worry if you see a notification message about that. If something like that happened, it means that one of our servers might not be responding, and we have stopped the service in order to prevent inaccurate search results. You may check your text via Premium quality, or try Standard later.