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Discounts & Special Offers

Every self-respecting company appreciates its loyal clients. That is why we have spent some time thinking of what we can offer to the great number of users who use our services regularly. So here is what you get if you use our plagiarism checker!

Extra credits

Everyone gets extra credits for purchasing automatically on the following basis:

$10 – $49:
5% extra
$50 – $99:
10% extra
$100 – $399:
15% extra
$400 & more:
20% extra

Double WIN!

Whether you have a discount or not, you receive extra credits anyways!

For students

Educators generally advise students to check each and every paper for accidental plagiarism before submission. If you are a student and you use PlagiarismDetect, then you can scan your texts for even less than before! We have a special student discount that covers 5% of any purchase. In order to get 5% OFF you need to upload a scanned copy of your student ID to your profile, and the administrator will activate the discount on your profile.

All the personal identity information will be kept secret, in accordance with our Privacy policy.

For educators

Numerous established educators signed up for our service, which cannot be left without our attention. If you are a teacher, professor or tutor, than you can request 10% discount. We would need a scanned copy of your ID to be uploaded to your profile.

All the personal identity information will be kept secret, in accordance with our Privacy policy.

For corporate clients

Discounts for corporate clients. Any establishment (a writing company, college, university, bloggers community or students community) can open a corporate account at PlagiarismDetect, if required. Such an account gets 15% discount right away.

One has to request a corporate account creation by sending an official email. A corporate account is assigned a service code, which can be distributed to other users in a corporate network. Once a new user from a corporate network signs up at the website, they have to enter the service code that was provided by the corporate account owner. The latter also has to approve a user as a member of a corporate network.

A corporate account can eventually be upgraded to 20% discount given that the activity of the network is high.

For individuals

Now attention!

Any client – a writer, writing company, blogger or tutor who requires more than 10% discount – can get 5%-20% discount! To do that, you have to contact the administrator via email and provide your email address. Your account will be reviewed for activity (how often you use the service), period of registration (when you have started using the service) and what is your aim of using the service (personal, commercial etc). The administrator will inform you about the discount you are eligible for.

20% is the maximum discount we can offer.