What Is The Connection Between SEO And Plagiarism?

Friday, 14 June 2013 06:21

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What Is The Connection Between SEO And Plagiarism?You do know that SEO aims at improving a  website’s search ranking positions and therefore helping search engines choose those sites, which will match people’s search requests most of all.

However, you are likely to come across dozens of cases when SEO was used to trick search engines by creating huge amount of pseudo-unique content just to become highly ranked on search engines. The question is why more and more SEO specialists switch to plagiarism as if it was the only way to survive?

What Makes SEO Specialists Plagiarize?

You might have already guessed, that it’s all about “easy income” temptation and unqualified or pretending-to-be-qualified SEO specialists. For these so called “professionals” quantity will always be dominant over quality, because this technique enables them to push up more clients’ websites to the top 10 in the search results making minimum efforts to succeed.

Another reason of plagiarism in SEO is taking too many clients’ orders than these SEO specialists can promote. Thus by copy-pasting original articles and introducing some minor changes into them, “SEO experts” manage to work in a fast-paced environment achieving good results.

Lack of knowledge and experience as well as tough competition also lead to poor SEO strategy choice, which will certainly include plagiarism. Not being aware of filtering process run by search engines and the way it affects low-quality sites, “SEO experts” soon fail to perform well. Google is a very good example clearly showing how it can fight against copycats by launching new updates of Panda and Penguin, which have caused a lot of troubles on the way of black hat SEO specialists.

How Can You Protect Your Content From “SEO-Plagiarists”?

First of all, you may address to webmasters asking them to take down plagiarized content as soon as possible. If this method doesn’t work, you can contact search engines directly stating reasons for your claim and providing some particular details about your offender. You may also file a DMCA complaint with Google, should you require more serious measures to be taken.

The list isn’t complete, of course, but you are more than welcome to add some more tips outlining the way one may effectively fight against plagiarism, which you’ve already tried in practice.

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