Content Theft: How To Detect Plagiarism And Respond To Offenders

Tuesday, 23 April 2013 12:58

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PD Blog_Article 3_Content Theft: How To Detect Plagiarism And Respond To OffendersYou are likely to agree that checking whether your content has been stolen or not is very crucial, especially when you run your own blog or website. Otherwise you will suffer a lot, since your search ranking results will be getting worse and worse because of plagiarism and as a result you will lose your top-positions, your followers and most of your profit too.

 What’s The Easiest Way To Catch Plagiarists?

So many men, so many minds and so many tips to detect plagiarism. Let’s focus on the simplest of them.

  • Monitor search engine results. The only thing you need to do is to copy-paste some sentences from your webcontent, put quotation marks around them and click a search button.
  • Apply plagiarism detection tool. Here it’s very important to choose the checker, which will guarantee profound scanning results, since there are a lot of those (particularly, free online checkers), that fail to perform thorough investigation. Besides, some of the checkers can provide you with special copyright banners, which may also help you show potential thieves how determined you are to fight plagiarism.
  • Make use of Google and Yahoo alerts or To set up Google, Yahoo or Topsy alerts you should enter your email, key words or even entire titles of your articles and frequency of receiving these email alerts. The moment someone makes references to your online content, you will get notifications at once.

Copycat Is Found, What’s Next?

Fancy you’ve managed to catch a thief, the question is what is to be done next. Firstly, you need to contact a webmaster or blogger and ask him or her to take down plagiarized content. It may happen so, that the content was duplicated unintentionally. In such situations, webmasters or bloggers try to satisfy “take down” requests as soon as possible.

However, if this is not the case and you can’t find contact details of the suspect, you may make use of “whois domain search or a simple Google Chrome plugin called Rapportive” [1]. Once you succeed to get required information, you may file so called Digital Millennium Copyright Act complaint to make your offender remove duplicated content. To proceed yo can also address to Copyright Office in your country, but you should realize how time-consuming it is and how many efforts this will require from you.

Still, you may also ask for help your internet community. Taking into account the fact that people don’t like plagiarists, you may easily find like-minded ones who will spread the information about the thief by means of all available online channels. This snowball effect will be difficult to stop, won’t it?

Let’s Be Positive!

Whatever the problem you might come across, the best solution is not to panic, but to focus on the reasons, which cause it and thinking of possible ways out. Not to suffer from plagiarists’ attacks again and again, why not make everything you can to raise everybody’s awareness of plagiarism problem? Integrity is what can help cope with plagiarism once and for all!



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